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NIBP Cuff & Hose Online  

An NIBP or blood pressure cuff is a medical tool that consists of a piece of rubber or another suitable material wrapped around a patient's arm and then inflated to monitor their blood pressure. By providing a secure connection to the blood pressure cuff, the hose helps prevent air leakage. You can shop for good quality & affordable NIBP Cuff & Hose online at Tentabs.

How does an NIBP Cuff work?

A pressured cuff wrapped around the arm or leg is used to assess non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP). The auscultatory approach detects blood pressure by listening to the sound of the limb artery opening and closing. The oscillometric technique records the cuff's vibration during pressurised air release.

Different Types of NIBP Cuffs?

  • A reusable cuff is the most widely used and prevalent cuff on the market right now. The material used to create these cuffs is often nylon, which is strong, long-lasting, and simple to clean.
  • Disposable Cuffs are usually made of vinyl or polyester material. These cuffs are commonly used in emergency departments, surgical rooms, intensive care units, and neonatal units where infection control is a concern. They are only for single-patient use.

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