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  • Tentabs offers: EMI payments, Easy return policy, Fast shipping, COD, Choice of varients
  • Shop Hospital Equipments, Consumables, Furniture, and Diagnostics
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  • TenTabs Online Medical Store
  • Tentabs offers: EMI payments, Easy return policy, Fast shipping, COD, Choice of varients
  • Shop Hospital Equipments, Consumables, Furniture, and Diagnostics
  • Download Tentabs mobile app
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  • Customer Varsha's Review
  • Customer Testimonial by Amritha Krishnaveni
  • Customer Testimonial by Dr. Abdul Mazeed
  • Customer Testimonial by Iqbal Kumar
  • Customer Testimonial by Dhiraj Belgavi
  • Customer Testimonial by Dr. Tapasi De


TenTabs is an online store where you can get all of your medical, surgical, and laboratory supplies in one place. We ensure you have easy access to all of your medical accessories and surgical supplies. Our surgical supply store offers a comprehensive choice of items from industry-leading manufacturers at the most competitive prices and the convenience of buying online. Each shipment at TenTabs is subjected to rigorous quality control at every stage, from order reception to shipping. From order placing to delivery completion, easy tracking of your shipments, aided by our customer service hotline, makes your purchases secure and dependable.


TenTabs can help you receive a broad choice of medical equipments at competitive costs when buying medical equipment online. There are various advantages to purchasing medical products online:

  • You may come across various medical suppliers online such as TenTabs which is the most trusted online store to buy surgical and medical supplies online.

  • Because discounts and other bonuses are frequently accessible, purchasing medical supplies online may benefit your cash account.

  • Shopping online gives you access to a far larger pool of options, increasing your odds of finding what you need. You may even come across various equipment that you didn't even know existed.

  • When shopping for medical goods online, you may read reviews from customers who have already done business with the seller. Their thoughts will help you decide whether or not you can work with them.

What Are The Different Types Of Medical Accessories?

  1. Hospital Furniture

Hospital furniture and modern medical accessories both play crucial roles in the healthcare industry. They not only assist surgeons in carrying out crucial surgeries with the greatest degree of patient safety, but also ensure that patients are at ease both during and after surgery. Some examples of hospital furniture are Fowler Bed - ABS Panels, Mechanical ICU Bed ABS Panel and ABS Railing, Examination Table - 2 Section and more.

  1. Infant Care

The medical equipment for infants must especially be of high quality and maintain hygienic standards. Every device is 100% authentic and is offered at the best pricing at TenTabs. Some examples of infant care products are NeoKraft Baby Warmer Neo 300, Jumper JPD 100B Fetal Doppler, Contec Foetal Monitor -CMS-800G1, PhotoTherapy Bilicure Smart -LED and more. We make sure to provide all necessary medical products online without compromising the service's quality.

  1. Veterinary Medical Devices

It is an important section, especially for veterinarians who need medical equipment to treat any kind of animal. On our list, we have a wide range of medical supplies and gadgets. For example, you can buy medical devices online from TenTabs to diagnose animal diseases such as BPL Cardiart Veterinary 6208 View ECG Machine, BPL Veterinary DF 2509/R Defibrillator, Contec Veterinary CMS 8000 Patient Monitor and more.

  1. Disinfection Chamber

Every medical facility needs a disinfection chamber to maintain a clean and safe environment. All medical care must only use high-quality supplies. When it comes to quality checks, our products meet the criteria for the mark of assurance. Some products to ensure proper disinfection and sterilisation are Single Drum Vertical Autoclave, Technocare Quick Turn Smart 250 Cautery Machine, Scrub Station and more. 

  1. Hospital Consumables

Hospital consumables should be available in every hospital and clinic. To conduct medical care efficiently, purchasing appropriate equipment and other medical accessories is simple and accessible on our medical equipment store. Some of them are 3M Littmann Spare Parts Kit - Classic III Stethoscopes, Venus Protective Eye Wear, Omron Small Cuff CS-24. You can check out more products in our hospital consumables section. 

  1. Orthopaedic Care

To treat patients properly and prevent any injuries, the right equipment must be available. Our incredible selection of orthopaedic supports from TenTabs can help you improve your posture, avoid slouching, stop prolonged muscle strain, enhance blood flow, and keep your muscles flexible to help you avoid additional injury. If you're seeking the best orthopaedic support that you may use for work and other physical activities, you've come to the right place.


Q. What are the different types of medical equipment available at TenTabs?

You can get a variety of medical equipment at affordable prices at TenTabs, a leading medical supply store. Purchase blood pressure monitors, analogue and digital weighing scales, pedometers, and other hospital and medical items online from a variety of leading manufacturers on TenTabs.

Q. What makes hospital supplies so important?

Hospital supplies are a crucial part of healthcare systems. The use of medical equipment is advantageous since it allows for the safe and effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of illnesses and disorders.

Q. What roles do medical devices play?

Medical devices are useful in various ways such as diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, disease relief, observation, treatment, and injury relief.

Q. What distinguishes medical equipment from medical supplies?

Canes, blood sugar metres, hospital beds, and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) units are some examples of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) that are frequently used. Disposable Medical Supplies, on the other hand, are exactly what they sound like: Usually, these are thrown away after a single usage. Some examples of disposable medical supplies are catheters, medical gloves, syringe, heating pads, bandages, etc.

Q. How many types of medical equipment exist?

According to the count, there are already more than 7,000 different generic device groups and an estimated 2 million different types of medical equipment and supplies available on the global market. You can buy medical products online in India from TenTabs, the leading medical equipment online store.


  • Variety: Choose from a wide range of products from trusted brands.

  • Discounts: All our products are heavily discounted so that you can easily purchase the product at the best price.

  • 100% Genuine Product:You can be rest assured that all the products you purchase from TenTabs are 100% genuine.

  • Fast shipping: We deliver your products in 3-5 business days from the day of the dispatch anywhere across India. You can check the delivery updates of the parcel on your mobile phone through email or text message.

  • Cash on Delivery: While purchasing the product online you can opt for the COD service for delivery all over India. (Upto the order value of 50K)

  • EMI: We also provide easy EMI options.

  • Return Policy: You can easily return your product within 5 days of your purchase. (To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging)

  • FREE Shipping: If you purchase a product above ₹5,000 you won’t have to pay any delivery charges.

  • Live chat support: Get answers to your questions regarding any product through our live chat support.

  • Multiple Payment Options: We support multiple payment options such as credit/debit cards, UPI transfer and COD.


Buy Medical supplies and equipment for healthcare services at the best price online in India. At TenTabs, we provide a large selection of medical supplies and equipment. We provide various products ranging from CPAP/BiPAP machines, oxygen concentration, patient monitors, ECG machines, fetal monitors, syringe infusion pumps, etc. Medical supplies, surgical instruments, and other branded medical equipment for personal care, home and hospitals can be purchased online at affordable t costs in India. TenTabs is a one-stop medical supply store to buy all surgical tools and medical products online in India at a minimal price.


Hospital institutions have to be well equipped. You won't always find all the required medical infrastructural supplies at your nearest medical supply store. Even if you did find one, the prices would surely be exceptionally high. This is where TenTabs comes to your rescue. TenTabs is a one-of-a-kind medical equipment store that allows you to purchase various healthcare supplies at reasonable rates. Get glucometers, blood pressure monitors, digital and analog weighing scales, pedometers, and other medical supplies online from various brands likeLittmann,Omron,Contec,BPLDiamond,Medikop,DeVilbiss,Romsons, etc. TenTabs is the best online medical supply store that offers a fantastic online purchasing experience.