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Hospital Furniture

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  Hospital Furniture

Hospital furniture along with modern medical equipment has an important role to play in health care. They not only help surgeons to perform the critical surgery with utmost safety of patient but also make patients feel comfortable during their stay in hospital or the surgery/post-surgery as well

The hospital furniture that is used in hospitals not only needs to serve specific functionalities, they also need to make sure that it's built to last, hospital furniture is typically made of high-grade plastics, steel, brass, and iron. Ensuring that they adhere to standards and also helps reduce the need to house old obsolete pieces. It also lowers the amount of training that staff will need to take to learn to use the new furniture.

At TenTabs we have a range of products from Multi-function beds to hospital trolleys and many more.

Hospital Bed

A hospital bed or hospital cot is a bed specially designed for hospitalized patients or others in need of some form of health care. These beds have special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of health care workers.

Hospital beds are of many different kinds depending on their functionality and the specific area within a medical center they are used in. A hospital bed could be an electrically operated bed, a semi-electric bed, a home care bed, or a regular manual bed. These beds may be ICU beds, delivery tables, attendant beds, delivery beds, air mattresses, labor delivery room beds, patient attendant beds, patient general plain beds, case sheet folders, gynaecologic electric couches, or X-ray permeable rest solutions. Semi Fowler Bed - ABS Panels, Mechanical ICU Bed ABS Panel, and ABS Railing, Fowler Bed - ABS Panels, Electrical ICU Bed

Fowler Bed is a Position and is defined when a patient is placed upright sitting at 90 degrees in bed and the knees may or may not be flexed.

Semi Fowler Bed is a position in which a patient is positioned on their back with the head and trunk raised to between 15 and 45 degrees, although 30 degrees is the most frequently used bed angle.

A Multifunction bed includes 5 functions/adjustments they are typically head (or back), foot, height, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg adjustments. Standard consumer beds are fixed platforms, parallel to the floor, and locked in at a certain height.

An electrically operated bed is completely automated in every single one of its functions. A semi-electric bed is partially operated by electricity and a few other functions have to be performed by the operator or the attendant himself. Complete Hand cranks are used to raise and lower the head and the foot of the bed as well as to adjust the height of the bed

Delivery tables are designed keeping in mind the requirements of a mother who is about to give birth to a child.

A stretcher is a more portable hospital bed that is used to transfer patients from accident sites to the medical facility using ambulances or within different departments of a medical center.

ICU beds are more equipped beds used to take care of a myriad of needs of a patient in critical condition requiring intensive care and look-after.

Gynecological couches are the ones that are used to help gynecologists perform a complete exam of the lady without causing any discomfort.

Autoclave: To sterilize the lab equipment and waste, the Autoclaves/sterilized are used.  Autoclave sterilization works by using heat to kill microorganisms such as bacteria and spores, the heat is delivered by pressurized steam for a given amount of time. Double Drum Vertical Autoclave, Single Drum Vertical Autoclave

Saline stand:  Ample variety of stand are present and are used in the hospital which can bear large weight and are highly resistant to corrosion like Saline stand (M.S), saline stand (S.S), basin single stand, Basin double stand, etc. (Stand) Saline Stand - M.S, Saline Stand - S.S

Bed Side Locker: The basic advantage of hospital bedside boxes is that they are placed just next to the bed of the patient as a result of which the valuable items are within his reach. Bed Side Locker - S.S. (3 Shelves), Bed Side Locker - DLX, Bed Side Locker - ABS

Bed Side Screen: 3 fold and 4 fold medical Bedside Screens are produced by GPC. ERW tubular pipe is used in the construction of the framework. The curtains attached to the frame are of PVC or cloth or flame retarded material. Bed Side Screen - 3/4 Fold

Crash Cart: A crash cart is a set of trays/drawers/shelves on wheels used in hospitals for transportation and dispensing of emergency medication/equipment at the site of medical/surgical emergency for life support protocols (ACLS/ALS) to potentially save someone's life. Crash Cart

Dressing Drum: is specialized equipment that is used for sterilizing and storing different types of instruments, surgical requisites, and dressings. The device comes with slotted belts and clamps for loosening the belt in order to open or close the perforation on the body. Dressing drum

Halogen Light: Operation Theatre (OT) Light is a specialized form of light used in the operating lab or medical room of the Hospital and Laboratory. ... Operation Theatre Halogen Lights are generally fitted with a halogen bulb, which can range from 24 to 100w. Examination Light Halogen

Kick bucket: is a common term used for a medical receptacle. Kick buckets are usually made of stainless steel and are mounted on wheels. It is called a kick bucket due to the concept that the bucket is generally moved around the operating room using the foot. Kick Bucket -S.S

Scrub Station: Scrub sinks, also referred to as surgical sinks or medical sinks, are vital to keeping Operating Theatres (OTs) up and running and are imperative to the health and safety of patients. This helps take necessary precautions before surgery which may reduce the risk of infections. Scrub Station

Trolley: Collection and storage trolleys – used for transporting heavy pieces of medical equipment or temporary storage of supplies. Medical records trolley – for easy access to patient files in medical centers where space is at a premium and flexibility essential. Mayo Instruments Trolley - Gea, Instruments Trolley -S.S, Medicine Trolley -4 Drawers, Instrument trolley 18*24, Stretcher Trolley -M.S., Stretcher Trolley - S.S.

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