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When purchasing a BP machine online, TenTabs is one of the go-to destinations for many healthcare providers and patients. A blood pressure machine is a diagnostic tool used by professionals and patients at home to monitor their blood pressure levels. We ensure high-quality and cutting-edge BP machines are available at competitive prices.

BP Apparatus To Measure Blood Pressure

The importance of having a BP apparatus that is dependable and accurate cannot be understated, especially for those with hypertension. This is why it is common for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions to have a BP monitor machine on-premises. One can find the use of a BP monitor machine for home use as well. This machine consists of a measuring unit called an inflatable cuff and a display. TenTabs recognises the needs of healthcare providers and is committed to providing the best quality blood pressure monitoring machine.

Bestseller BP Machine Price List

TenTabs provides cutting-edge blood pressure monitoring machines at competitive prices. Check out the list of our bestselling BP machine price list below:



Contec Ambulatory Bp Monitor


Heine Gamma Xxl Bp Apparatus


Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Hem


Bpl Automatic Bp Monitor


Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Hem


Heine Gamma Xxl Bp Apparatus With Wall Mount


Heine Gamma G7 Sphygmomanometer


Bpl Automatic Bp Monitor


Heine Gamma G5 Aneriod Bp Apparatus


Beurer Bm-27 Blood Pressure Monitor


Heine Gamma Gp Bp Apparatus


Beurer Bm-54 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Beurer Bm-54 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Beurer Bm-45 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Bpl Tubeless Bp Monitor Bt02


Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


Choose TenTabs For BP Machines

TenTabs offers a wide selection of blood pressure machines that cater to various preferences and budgets. We stand out due to the products we offer from reputed brands, which have assured quality at your fingertips and a seamless experience.

FAQs - Blood Pressure Monitoring Machine

What machine is used for BP?

A BP machine, also known as a blood pressure machine, is commonly used to measure blood pressure levels in patients. It is crucial for keeping your heart health in check. One can purchase a blood pressure machine for business as well as home use.

Which BP apparatus is best to buy online?

We have a wide selection of aneroid and digital BP monitor machines for you to choose from at your comfort. We provide the highest-quality BP monitor machines from trusted brands like Omron, Contec, Heine, and more at competitive prices.

How many types of BP monitor machines are there?

There are three types of blood pressure apparatus: mercury column, aneroid, and digital or automatic. TenTabs offers a wide selection of blood pressure monitoring machines.