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Haematological Analysers are used in the healthcare industry to perform coagulation tests, complete blood counts, reticulocyte analyses, and white blood cell count. Hematology analyzers for human or animal blood are available, making them valuable for veterinarians, zoos, and research centres.

Hematology Analyzer Technologies

Haematology analyzers primarily employ three physical technologies:

  • The widely used method for counting cells is electrical impedance, often known as the Coulter Principle. Almost all haematological analyzers use it. One cell at a time can fit through the extremely small opening through which whole blood is transported between two electrodes.
  • Laser flow cytometry is more costly than impedance analysis because it requires more expensive chemicals, but it provides extensive information on the shape of blood cells. It is a great technique for figuring out five-part WBC differentials. A stream of single cells passes through a laser beam. To determine the cell's granularity, diameter, and inner complexity, measurements of the absorbance and the scattered light are made from various angles.
  • By using fluorescent reagents, flow cytometry can now be used to quantify individual cell populations. Each stained cell's nucleus-plasma ratio is revealed using fluorescent dyes. It helps analyze reticulocytes, nucleated RBCs, and platelets.

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