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Oxygen Masks

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Buy Oxygen Face Mask Online At TenTabs

Discover our unparalleled selection of oxygen masks, ensuring that every healthcare provider and patient finds what they need for their respiratory care requirements. At TenTabs, we understand the crucial role of oxy masks in providing oxygen therapy and recognise their importance for the health and well-being of individuals with respiratory conditions.

Oxy Masks For Oxygen Therapy

Designed to deliver oxygen, an oxygen face mask is a medical device for people who are not receiving enough oxygen naturally. The device usually covers both the mouth and nose of the patient. It allows them to breathe in oxygen delivered from storage tanks.

TenTabs provides high-quality oxygen face masks for oxygen therapy in respiratory diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other surgical procedures that impair breathing.

Best Selling Oxygen Mask Price List

Choosing oxy masks for patients demands considering several factors, such as a patient's specific oxygen needs, comfort preferences, and intended duration of use. We are committed to providing cutting-edge medical supplies and equipment at competitive prices. Each oxygen face mask in our selection is curated based on quality and dependability. Do check out our bestseller oxygen mask price list below:



Romsons Hi - Mask


Medisafe Nrbm Non Reservoir Bag Oxygen Mask


Romsons Flexi Mask Oxygen Mask


Romsons Aero Comfort Oxygen Mask


Why Choose TenTabs?

At TenTabs, we offer a select range of oxygen face masks to meet the requirements of healthcare providers online. We provide the best for adult and paediatric respiratory care at your fingertips, from the best brands like Romsons and Medisafe to different types of oxy masks.

FAQs - O2 Masks

What is a simple oxygen mask used for?

A simple oxygen mask helps with various respiratory care needs. It is designed for patients with impaired breathing who cannot inhale sufficient oxygen naturally.

Can you buy oxygen masks online?

Yes, you can buy oxy masks online at TenTabs - one of the leading online stores for purchasing medical supplies and equipment. We provide high-quality oxygen face masks from reputed brands at the best prices. You can also find a wide selection at your fingertips.

Can you buy O2 masks without prescription?

No, an O2 mask, also known as an oxygen mask or oxy mask, can be bought for patient care but not without a doctor's or healthcare provider's prescription.