Engraving Policy for 3M Littmann Stethoscopes: Engraving is available only for PAID orders on request; Products cannot be Returned/Replaced once engraved; Ensure to mention correct spelling in the instructions box on cart page.

Hospital Consumables

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Medical consumables are supplies that health systems require in order to deliver care in a hospital or surgical setting. ECG Electrodes, BP Monitors, ECG Gel, stethoscopes, ECG paper rolls, etc are among the consumables, needed by doctors and nurses to give treatment. Some of our most chosen brands by doctors and medical practitioners include Littmann, Omron, Contec, BPL, Diamond, and Romsons products and many more.

Hospital consumables and accessories are essential for the smooth operation of medical infrastructure. Smart hospital accessories not only aid in the optimization of clinical workflow but also make the process more efficient. TenTabs provides medical devices that are highly efficient and cost-effective. We offer a large selection of products at affordable and discounted pricing and regular updates from the time you place your order until delivery. Tentabs has a large selection of authentic and genuine hospital supplies available online. 

We offer supplies for general clinics and hospitals, as well as consumables, medical devices and implants, hospital furnishings, and patient care supplies. Before being made available on our online medical supply store, each of our hospital consumable items are put through many rounds of testing to ensure that it meets the official quality standard. Doctors who wish to buy a product can place an order online, send an email, or request a callback. We provide simple and convenient payment options.

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