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The 3M Littmann Stethoscope is used by professionals everywhere in medical facilities, offices, in the home or while travelling. This professional-quality stethoscope helps you get an accurate diagnosis every time you listen to your patient's heart and lungs, whether they are infants, adults, pregnant women or are asthmatic.

It includes a traditional bell and diaphragm combination with tunable diaphragms on both sides that allows for a crisp clear sound that's easy to hear.

All stethoscopes manufactured by Littmann are consistently made according to strict processes and quality controls, for a high level of performance. Their design features superior acoustics, lightweight, comfortable feel and dependable quality. And the best part is its cost-efficiency.

Now you can buy a Littmann Stethoscope online on our website and save up to 20-35%. We have a wide variety of colours (such as black, burgundy, hunter green, navy blue, plum, grey, chocolate, red, etc.) and chest-piece finishes (such as standard, copper, black plated, rainbow, and brass finish) for 3M Littmann Stethoscopes.

A stethoscope from Littmann is the standard against which all other stethoscopes are judged. The Littmann stethoscope is often used by health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, and paramedics. The 3M Littmann stethoscope provides a quality acoustic experience through its tubing and chest piece.

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Stethoscopes are the most widely used medical equipment in the healthcare sector. 3M™ Littmann™ Stethoscopes are the best you can lay hands on. It is lightweight, easy to carry and does not occupy spaces. It is adjustable and can be worn on the chest. This non-chill chest piece is made of stainless steel while the tubing is made of latex-free vinyl making it ideal for children, adults and elders alike.

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Littmann Stethoscope


Littmann Stethoscope Classic III: Rainbow-Finish Chestpiece, black stem and headset, Black Tube 5870

₹12,990 (7% OFF)

Littmann Classic III: Copper Finish chest-piece with Chocolate tubing 5809

₹11,900 (13% OFF)

Littmann Cardiology IV: Black Finish Chest-Piece with Navy Blue Tubing 6168

₹19,990 (22% OFF)

Littmann Stethoscope Classic III: Ceil Blue 5630

₹9,700 (17% OFF)

Littmann Stethoscope Classic III: Black 5620

₹9,118 (22% OFF)

*Price last updated on: Jun 23, 2024