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ECG Paper

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For identifying cardiac problems, the ECG (Electrocardiogram) is the most often used standard examination procedure. It displays data about the heart rate, heart rhythm, and electrical activity of the cardiac chambers and atria. An ECG is useful in identifying and managing the progression of different cardiovascular illnesses.

What is an ECG paper roll?

The electrical activity of all cardiac fibres is recorded by an electrocardiogram (ECG). When these voltage fluctuations are measured using an ECG, a so-called ECG curve that depicts the cardiac cycle is formed. On the ECG paper, the usual waveforms, height discrepancies, and frequencies that clinicians may read are generated. As a result, high-quality ECG paper is required in hospitals and specialized clinics for precise diagnosis and outcomes.

What paper is used for ECG?

A comparison of the monitor display and the printout demonstrates how precise today's printers are, as well as the importance of using the appropriate type of ECG paper.

Sheets on ECG machine paper roll are zig-zag folded papers used to record the electrical activity of all cardiac fibres.

For easier handling and separation, folded ECG sheet is perforated at regular intervals. At the printer's tear-off edge, paper on rolls may be precisely separated.

How to put an ECG roll in an ECG machine?

When doing an ECG, however, recording clear signals might be difficult. There are several factors to consider: the data recording equipment must be properly set up, the person must be comfortable, and the ECG Paper roll must be exactly positioned in order to obtain reliable findings. Regardless of the model, the procedure for putting the paper is the same.

Here's a quick instruction to putting ECG roll on an ECG machine correctly:

  1. Turn on the recorder.
  2. Pull up the paper door's handle and fold it out.
  3. Remove the cardboard from the top of the new pad and insert it into the paper compartment, including the cardboard backing at the bottom and the arrow pointing towards the unit.
  4. Remove the top sheet from the compartment and wrap it around the guiding roller.
  5. Close the paper door while holding the leading edge of the paper in position between the two marks on the recorder. Make sure it's locked in place on both sides.

Note - The grid side of an already begun Z-fold pad must face up, and the initial fold must point to the compartment when inserted.

(You can find more information in the user guide/operator’s manual that comes along with the product you buy)

What do the boxes on ECG graph paper represent?

The boxes on the ECG graph represent waves, intervals, and segments of an electrocardiogram. Each huge box has sides of 0.5 cm in standard calibration. Each large box on the horizontal axis represents 0.2 seconds, while each smaller box represents 0.04 seconds.

What is the dimension of the ECG machine paper roll?

ECG paper rolls are the best medical grade papers available, with more smoothness to guarantee that their qualities do not harm the delicate components of your ECG machine. Following are the most opted ECG paper dimensions by a majority of hospitals:

  • 80mm x 20 meters
  • 50mm x 20 meters
  • 58mm x 20 meters
  • 106mm x 20 meters
  • 210mm x 20 meters
  • 215 mm x 20 meters

Almost all sizes are available as per your requirements.

Different types of ECG paper with sizes

Various types of ECG paper grades and types are available in the market to cater to different applications:

Machine Types

Paper Sizes

Single-channel ECG Machine

50 mm, 60 mm

3 Channel ECG Machine

80 mm, 90 mm

6 channel ECG Machine

80 mm, 90 mm

12 Channel ECG Machine

210 mm, 215 mm, 216 mm


Shop ECG paper roll from trusted brands at TenTabs.in

It's necessary to use the correct paper for the different locally installed devices you utilize. You can order ECG paper from us that is tailored to your specific equipment. ECG paper in both normal and archive quality can be ordered in rolls or accordion folded.

The various varieties of paper product descriptions specify which technical equipment they are appropriate for. In addition to high-quality ECG paper, Tentabs.com offers a variety of additional types of recording paper for EEGs and CTGs from top brands like Contec and BPL . We also provide ultrasonic transmission gels, examination table/couch coverings, disposable electrodes, ECG electrodes, and a variety of other measurement materials.

ECG Paper Roll Price List in India

Product Name


Contec ECG Paper Roll 12-Channel (Pack of 10)



GE Mac 1200/2000 ECG Compatible paper (Pack of 2)


COMEN 12-Channel ECG Paper (Pack of 10) Compatible



BPL CARDIART 9108 ECG Paper Roll Z Fold (Pack of 5) (5*100)


ECG Recording Paper for Fetal Monitor (Pack of 10)


CONTEC ECG Paper Roll 6-Channel (Pack of 10)


Contec ECG Paper Roll 3-Channel (Pack of 12)


*Price list last updated on: Jun 19, 2024


FAQs Regarding ECG Paper Roll

Q. What is ECG Paper Speed?

The ECG paper typically moves at a pace of 25 mm/sec.

Q. How to interpret an ECG Paper?

To read the ECG paper, you must first understand what each box on the paper means for the electrocardiograph equipment.

Let us explain this to you:

  • A time of 0.04 seconds is shown by little boxes or grids.

  • Big boxes or grids show a 0.2 second time.

  • One second is represented by 5 heavier lines forming larger boxes.

  • An entire minute is shown by 300 thicker lines forming larger boxes.

The speed can thus be read in accordance with this.

Q. What is the price of ECG Paper Roll in India?

The specifications and characteristics of the ECG machine paper roll directly affect the price of ECG paper roll, which also depends on the brand you want to purchase. ECG paper roll costs typically range from ₹60 to ₹4100 in India. At TenTabs, you can buy various types of ECG paper grades to cater to different applications. To guarantee that our customers receive the biggest selection of electrocardiogram paper online in India and the best quality ECG paper roll, TenTabs has a collaboration with numerous ECG paper roll manufacturers like Contec and BPL.

Q. What are the types of ECG paper rolls we offer?

You can purchase all varieties of ECG paper rolls online at TenTabs. These are just a few of the many ECG recording papers we offer: -

1. Rolled thermally sensitive paper:

We have various sizes of this ECG paper roll available depending on different types of ECG machines.

2. Z Folded Thermal Sensitive Recording Paper:

In our ECG roll category, we also offer Z folded thermal sensitive recording papers for ECG machines. Z-folded ECG paper is typically used with 12 channel ECG devices.

Q. Where can you buy ECG Paper Roll online?

You don't need to search for "ECG paper roll near me" anymore because purchasing ECG paper roll is now most frequently done online. At TenTabs, we can make sure you have the ideal ECG chart paper price and offer a variety of ECG paper types.