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Romsons: Products to Meet Your Needs

One of the first healthcare revolutions in post-colonial India took place when Romsons first began to operate. Reusable medical equipment and components were once a factor in people becoming infected and dying. The idea of disposable surgical and medical equipment was then introduced by Romsons, who made ground-breaking discoveries.

The culture of disposable medical equipment is currently well-established, and Romsons has established itself as a well-known brand, a household name, and a leader in the industry.

What Romsons products can you buy online from TenTabs?

TenTabs is an online store where you can get all of your medical, surgical, and laboratory supplies in one place. Catheters, IV cannula, colo bags, IV cannula fixators, nasal cannula’s, feeding bags, vacuum aspirators, laryngeal masks, intra cath, foley trac, urine bags, respirometers, etc are among the many Romsons products available for purchase at TenTabs online medical supply store. As a healthcare equipments proivder., nursing home or doctor you can buy Romsons products online on TenTabs.com.

Why buy Romsons products online from TenTabs?

  • Authentic products: You can be sure you're getting genuine medical devices.
  • Quick door-to-door deliveries: We guarantee the prompt arrival of well-packaged goods at your front door within 3-5 business days.
  • Budget-friendly: You save money every day by taking advantage of our selection of discounts, deals, and offers.
  • Cash on Delivery: Cash On Delivery is available throughout India except for some postal codes. During the checkout procedure, you can verify COD eligibility.
  • Return Policy: We offer a 5-day easy return policy. Make sure the products are unused and in the original packaging.

Uses of Romsons Products


  • Short-term bladder catheterization is done with nelaton catheters. Uniform flow rate is ensured by extremely smooth kink resistant tubing.


  • For patients that are unable to drink, an IV can help administer fluids directly in the bloodstream. Helps in blood transfusion. You can administer medications into the bloodstream via an IV.


  • A typical kind of indwelling catheter is the Foley catheter. To drain the bladder of urine, a flexible tube made of plastic or rubber is inserted.


  • When a low flow, low or medium concentration of oxygen is necessary and the patient is in a stable condition, nasal cannulas are utilised to administer the gas.


  • The Romsons Romo Vac Wound Closure Suction Set is ideal for providing surgeons and medical professionals with an efficient tool for post-operative closed wound drainage under negative pressure with the choice of using one or two catheters concurrently.

Top Selling Romsons products price list in India

Product Name


Romsons Mucus Extractor without filter REF: GS-5018 ( Pack of 25)


Romsons Nel Cath Nelaton Catheter (Pack of 100)


Romsons Silko Cath Foley Catheter (Box of 10) REF: GS-1078


Romsons Hi - Mask (Pack of 10)


Romsons Alcohol Swab (Box of 500) REF-6090


Romsons Central Venous Pressure Manometer CVP


Romsons RMS Vented Infusion Set (Pack of 25) REF: SS-3060


Romson RMS Non- Vented Infusion set (Pack of 50) REF: SS-3062


Romsons Feedy Infant Feeding Tube


Price list last updated on: Jun 23, 2024


Is Romsons a good brand?

Yes, Romsons is a good brand that provides quality products that never fails to meet your expectations. They provide high-quality products with reasonable pricing too.

Is Romsons an Indian brand?

Yes, Romsons is an Indian brand that stepped forward with a pioneering breakthrough – the concept of disposable medical and surgical devices that brought a revolution in the field of healthcare in 1952.

Is Romsons mask safe?

Yes, Romsons masks are safe. They perfectly cover the face and have a nose pin that covers the space around the nose.

What items are available from Romsons?

Romsons sells a variety of surgical tools, surgical kits, and other medical and surgical supplies. Some of them include Romsons Nel Cath Nelaton Catheter, Romsons Intravenous IV Cannula, Romsons Respirometer, Romsons Oxy Set Nasal Cannula, and more.  At TenTabs, we provide a range of Romsons products on our online store.

Does Romsons offer surgical supplies for use in hospitals?

For clinical use, we offer several Romsons surgical equipment and accessories. Some of them are Romsons Respirometer, Romson RMS Non- Vented Infusion set, Romsons Romo VAC Set and more.

Do Romsons sell oxygen masks with tubing at TenTabs?

Yes, Romsons does sell oxygen mask with tubing online at TenTabs.