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A suction machine, commonly called an aspirator, is a medical equipment that clears obstructions from a person's oesophagus, such as mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions. Suction machines assist breathing by keeping the airway free when someone cannot expel secretions because of unconsciousness or during an ongoing medical procedure.

How to Use a Suction Machine?

  •  Clean and sanitize your hands.
  • Connect the connecting tubes before starting the machine.
  • The connecting tubes should be connected to a dry, clean suction catheter.
  • The patient should be flattened down on their back. You can also attempt it if the patient wants to be seated. Roll up a towel and place it under the shoulders.
  • To test the machine's operation, lubricate the catheter with sterile or distilled water.
  • Carefully insert the catheter into the tracheostomy tube. The tracheostomy tube and catheter should ideally be the same length.
  • Within 5–10 seconds, remove your thumb from the suction vent by placing it there.
  • Hold back the patient while continuing to suction if necessary.
  • Turn off the equipment and discard the catheter after the process is finished.

Benefits of Suction Machine

  1. Quick Relief: Suction tools clear the airways of mucus, saliva, and other fluids, making breathing easier and lowering the risk of suffocation.
  2. Versatility: These gadgets can be used in various healthcare settings because they can help people with asthma, pneumonia, or surgery.
  3. Enhanced Comfort: Suction devices help patients feel better by clearing their lungs, which makes breathing easier and less painful when they have breathing problems or congestion.
  4. Reduced Complications: Using suction devices correctly can protect a patient's health and reduce the need for medical treatments by avoiding problems like aspiration pneumonia or lung infections.

Besides the benefits, the suction machine price does not break the bank. On average, suction machine price range from ₹4,990 to ₹21,000, making this equipment affordable for everyone.

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