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 A cautery machine is a specialized cauterization equipment. The cautery machine is used for various purposes, including cauterizing tissues and organs. In the medical field, cauterization burns a portion of the body with heat to halt bleeding or remove tissue. The use of a metal probe that is heated with an electrical current during this medical procedure is known as electrocautery.

Cautery Machine Use

 In both thermal and surgical cautery, cautery machines are used. The cautery device is used in surgical diathermy to bypass direct or alternating current with a resistant metal wire and accomplish hemostasis and tissue damage. The metal probe's conduction stops blood vessels from bleeding.

How long is a cautery procedure?

 The procedure typically lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, although it may take longer depending on how serious it is and whether any further combination procedures are being planned. The surgeon estimates the time needed; however, this may change throughout the treatment.

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