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Syringe Infusion Pump

A syringe pump is basically an infusion pump that is used to deliver small amounts of fluids or drugs in a fixed interval. The fluid may or may not contain any medication. It is widely used in medical, laboratory, and research fields. It is really useful in reducing the workload of the staff and reduces any kind of error. Also, it reduces any kind of pain and sickness the patient suffers due to regular injections of medications. A syringe infusion pump has an inbuilt computer and a screen using which it displays information and can warn the healthcare provider in case of a loose syringe, occlusion, low battery, etc. A syringe pump is also used in electrospinning, dilution, and palliative care.

What are the different types of syringe infusion pumps?

There are 5 types of syringe pumps: 

  • Infusion only syringe pump - In this, the plunger is forced forward by the motor to deliver fluid
  •  Push/pull and continuous flow syringe pump - In this, two pumps communicate with each other through a synchronization table which creates a flexible system that can be re-configured to operate in continuous flow (push/pull) or independently at any time
  • Infusion/withdrawal pumps - It works similar to an infusion pump but at the end of the run the motor reverses and the plunger moves in the opposite direction which allows the syringe to fill up again
  • High-pressure syringe pump - The diameter of the syringe pump is smaller in diameter which increases the pressure
  • Low flow rate pump - These pumps have finer syringes that provide smoother action

What is a syringe pump used for?

A syringe infusion pump is used for: 

  • If there is severe pain or a constant flow of medication is required
  • When the patient can’t swallow the medication
  • When the patient is agitated or distressed
  • To administer analgesics, antiemetics and other drugs

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Which brand’s syringe infusion pump is available on TenTabs?

We sell syringe pumps online from various brands such as AKAS, Dr Diaz, Niscomed, BPL, Omya, Sino MDT, Simtek, etc.

What are important points to consider when buying a syringe pump online?

There are important points you should always consider before purchasing a syringe infusion pump online:

  • The brand the product belongs to
  • The battery backup
  • Can it be easily transported?
  • Product cost
  • Ease of use and efficiency
  • Infusion accuracy
  • Delivery modes like flow rate, VT mode, and drug mode

What accessories can be replaced inside the syringe pump?

The disposable items are battery, syringe, and cord wire.