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What is a Holter Monitor?

A holter monitor is a kind of portable ECG machine that records the heart's electrical activity for up to 24-72 hours, in contrast to ECG machines that only record the heart rate for a brief time. You should use a holter monitor every other day or two. The device captures each heartbeat during this time and aids the doctor in identifying irregularities that occur repeatedly.

If a conventional test, such as an ECG, does not yield satisfactory results, a holter monitoring test is carried out to examine your heart function. Your doctor utilises the holter monitor's data to determine whether you have a heart rate issue. Your doctor might recommend a wireless ECG holter monitor that can function for weeks if a standard holter machine cannot monitor your irregular heartbeat.

Benefits of Holter ECG Machine

  • Take An ECG Test At Home

Who would choose to rush over to the hospital if you can conduct a quick home ECG test? If you have a holter monitor at home, you can examine it while your loved one is taking care of you.

Fortunately, technology has evolved to the point where wireless ECG holter monitors, tiny ECG monitors, and online data sharing are relatively simple.

  • Measure Heart Anomalies While Engaging in Regular Activities

Do you know? You can wear a holter monitor while going about your usual business. You can tuck it under your clothes, but be careful—you can't wear it in the shower.

You can keep track of your daily activities and make notes about them using the wireless connection to the monitor.

  • Holter Monitors Are Practical And Easy To Use

Holter monitors are unquestionably excellent for capturing heart rhythms while engaging in routine activities and keeping your heartbeat steady.

Whether it be palpitations, minute changes in an otherwise consistent heartbeat, or persistent ectopic heartbeats, a holter ECG monitor is practical, affordable, and simple to operate.

With visual aids and quick results, these gadgets are excellent tools for cardiac critical care diagnostic needs.

 How Can You Use a Holter ECG Machine To Get a More Precise Reading?

The following advice will help you get precise readings from a holter ECG machine:

  • Avoid using it if you're sweating or have skin retaining moisture. Before measuring an ECG with a holter monitor, dry your skin.

  • Verify that all cables are correctly attached.

  • Check to ensure nothing is in the way of the electrodes and your skin.

  • Before getting readings, wipe the skin beneath the ECG electrodes with alcohol.

  • Continuing your regular activities while undergoing the holter monitoring exam is advisable.

  • Check to see if the battery in your holter ECG device is fully charged.

  • The holter ECG machine will keep an account of all your readings. Your doctor can evaluate whether specific changes in your heart are because of your activities using a holter monitoring system.

 Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying a Holter ECG Machine

There are a few things to think about before buying a holter ECG machine to make sure you're getting the perfect item for your needs:

  • Always select a reputable brand of holter ECG device.

  • Display and Mobile Connectivity - Verify that the holter ECG machine you choose has a display that allows you to view the ECG waveform. If there isn't a display, make sure it is smartphone compatible, so you can use bluetooth to link it to your phone and view all of the ECG readings there.

  • A high-performance internal battery.

  • Recording and storage of your ECG data by the machine.

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Holter Monitor Price List - India

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*Price list last updated on:Jun 23, 2024


Q. Can I perform an ECG at home?

You can perform the ECG test at home as the holter monitor is highly calibrated. You can see the heart sound waves and ECG traces on the monitor.

Q. What is the duration of an ECG test?

An ECG test typically takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete in a hospital or clinic. However, ECG testing can be done at home or a clinic and is a quick and safe technique.

The device typically records electrical data as line tracing and produces a report in 10 seconds. The ECG test is, therefore, a quick and painless way to detect heart problems. 

Q. What are typical ECG readings?

A typical ECG is at 25 mm/sec with a cut-off frequency of 250 Hz for toddlers and 150 Hz for adults.

Q. What does an ECG report show?

An ECG test records your heart's electrical activity and displays it as a fluctuating line of peaks and valleys. An ECG machine can accurately measure the electric current that runs through your heart. Even while every ECG trace is distinct, some patterns might point to several different heart conditions. Thus, an ECG identifies whether your heart is healthy, whether there is a problem and the type of problem. 

Q. Can your ECG machine identify blood clots or heart blockages?

ECGs can investigate various cardiac problems, including the circulatory system's functioning. For example, they can spot high blood pressure, changes in the size and pumping capacity of the heart, cardiac muscle damage, valve issues, heart clots, and blockages.

An ECG monitor can reveal the following:

  • Cardiac arrests

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Arrhythmias

  • Enlarged hearts and more

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