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TenTabs can ensure you have the ideal ECG equipment for your needs by offering a variety of high-end ECG machines, including 1,3,6 and 12-channel ECG machines. Our highly qualified staff will discuss your issues with you and provide you with the best ECG machine for your hospital within your pricing range.

What is an ECG Machine?

An ECG machine is a piece of medical equipment that measures and logs heart electrical activity. The "electrocardiograph" is another name to describe the ECG machine. An ECG captures the heart's activity and rhythm on a screen or moving strip of paper. In other words, an ECG machine is a technology used to detect physiological processes such as heartbeat waveforms and record them. As a result, diagnosis using ECG machine can offer fundamental knowledge about different cardiac conditions.

Because ECG machine is useful for understanding various arrhythmias, the effects of different medications on the cardiac muscle, electrolyte imbalance, and acid-base imbalance, this equipment is crucial for assessing heart illness. You can find the best ECG machine prices online at TenTabs.

Types of ECG Machines

ECG machines have four categories depending on how many channels they have. It is crucial to understand which one best meets your requirements to get the appropriate ECG machine for the hospital. The number of channels a given ECG machine has can also impact its pricing. Here are some tips to assist you in understanding the various ECG test machines that are available in the market:

  1. Single-Channel ECG Machine:

A single-channel ECG machine prints a single ECG waveform or channel at one time. Thus, the paper used in this type of ECG machine only has room for one trace at a time. Furthermore, modern single-channel ECG equipment has automatic modes. Therefore, without manually changing the leads, it will automatically print each of the 12 channels one at a time. The majority of single-channel ECG machines use 50 mm paper width. The price range for a single-channel ECG machine is between ₹15,000 and ₹50,000. Some single-channel ECG machines available on TenTabs are BPL Cardiart 6108T ECG Machine, BPL Cardiart 108T ECG Machine, RMS Vesta 101 and more.

  1. 3-Channel ECG Machine:

The three-channel ECG Machine prints three waveforms or channels at once, as the name suggests. It indicates that four portions will be printed, totalling 12 waveforms. The 34 format is the name of this report format. Most three-channel ECG devices use ECG paper with a width of 80 mm to 90 mm. The price range for a three-channel ECG machine is between ₹25,000 and ₹90,000. Some examples of three-channel ECG machines available on TenTabs are CONTEC ECG MACHINE 300G, RMS Vesta 301i, BPL Cardiart 7108 ECG Machine and more.

  1. 6-Channel ECG Machine:

This device prints all six waveforms at once. Therefore, compared to 3-channel ECG machines, its paper width is wide. Consequently, the print format for six-channel ECG machines is 6X2. As a result, the six-channel ECG machine report is shorter than average due to the comprehensive page. The price range for a 6-channel ECG machine is between ₹35,000 and ₹1,00,000. Some 6-channel ECG machines available on TenTabs are Biocare IE 6 Digital 6-Channel ECG, Contec ECG 600G Machine, BPL Cardiart 8108 View ECG Machine and more.

  1. 12-Channel ECG Machine:

ECG machines with 12 channels can print 12 waveforms at once. Printing formats for the 12-channel ECG include 6 x 2 and 3 x 4. Consequently, it is also known as a multichannel ECG machine. The majority of 12-channel ECG Machines use A4-sized paper to print ECG reports. Additionally, the report is broad, and the paper is shorter. Therefore, it is simple for doctors to compare and analyse the ECG waveform. 12-channel ECG devices use a broad paper size between 210 mm and 216 mm. The price range for a 12-channel ECG machine is between 50,000 and 120,000 rupees. Some of the most modern 12-channel ECG equipment can cost as much as INR 150,000. 12-channel ECG machines available on TenTabs are Contec ECG Machine 1200G, Bionet 12-channel Cardio 7 ECG Machine, Bionet CardioTouch 3000 and more.

You can contact TenTabs to get the best portable ECG machine price in India.

Types of ECG Machine Paper

These days, all ECG machines have thermal-sensitive dot-matrix printers integrated right in. The size of the ECG report paper depends on the number of channels and printer size.ECG paper roll is available in Z fold and rolled types subject to the machine paper tray layout. 

Some ECG paper roll sizes are as follows:

  • Single-channel ECG Machine paper: 50 mm, 60 mm

  • Three-channel ECG Machine paper: 80 mm, 90 mm

  • Six-channel ECG Machine paper: 100 mm, 104 mm

  • Twelve-channel ECG Machine paper: 210 mm, 215 mm, 216 mm

  • Twelve-channel ECG Machine Z folded paper: 140×210 mm, 140×216 mm, 295×210 mm, 295×216 mm

After turning on the machine, an ECG technician places the ECG leads. Then, it begins recording the patient's ECG. An ECG electrode or lead location is essential for a strong ECG signal. The doctor or cardiologist thus interprets whether an ECG reading is normal or abnormal.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ECG Machines

Q. What is the ECG machine price in India?

Depending on the features and channel count, the price of ECG machine might be between ₹15,000 and ₹220,00. An ECG machine with 12 channels is superior to 3 and 6 channels.

Q. Where can you buy ECG Machine online?

You don't need to look for an "ECG Machine near me" because the most popular way to purchase an ECG machine today is online. You can buy an ECG machine online at TenTabs. It enables you to get an ECG machine with a wide range of options and speedy delivery at the lowest cost.

Q. What is the difference between electrocardiograph and electrocardiogram?

The ECG machine, known as an electrocardiograph, captures ECG waves and interpretation on specialised ECG chart paper. On the other hand, an electrocardiogram is an ECG test report that includes an ECG trace and an interpretation of the trace on paper. EKG test reports are often known as ECG graph test results.

Q. How long does an ECG test take?

The complete ECG test procedure lasts for about 5 to 8 minutes. You can obtain the results of your ECG test immediately following the procedure or upon your cardiologist's approval.

Q. How do you clean and disinfect an ECG machine?

Before cleaning, you should turn off the equipment's power, disconnect the AC power source, and take the power cable and patient cable out.

  • Cleaning of the Main Unit and Patient Cable: Use a clean, soft cloth free of lint to wipe the electrocardiograph and patient cable's surface after soaking it in a mild soap solution or a non-corrosive washing solution after diluting it.

  • Cleaning of the Electrodes: After using the electrodes, remove any conductive ointment with a clean, soft cloth. Disconnect the suction bulb and metal cup of the chest electrode, the electrode plate, and the clamp, and wash them in clean, warm water (less than 35°C), making sure there is no remaining conductive ointment. Allow to air dry naturally or wipe with a clean, soft cloth. 

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