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A hospital ventilator is a device that supports the function of your lungs. It can be a lifesaving device if you have a condition that causes shortness of breath or cannot breathe on your own. For your body to acquire the oxygen it needs, a ventilator aids in pushing air into and out of your lungs.

Types of Ventilators

  • A face mask ventilator is a non-invasive way to support someone's breathing ability and get enough oxygen. When using one, the user wears a mask that covers their mouth and nose and forces air into their lungs and airways. If someone with COVID-19 has trouble breathing or doesn't have enough oxygen in their blood, they may utilise a face mask ventilator.
  • Machines that completely take over the breathing process are known as mechanical ventilators. When a patient is unable to breathe on their own, doctors employ them. Mechanical ventilators use a tube in the throat to pump air into the lungs and remove carbon dioxide from the body.
  • Manual resuscitator bags are pieces of apparatus that allow users to adjust the airflow of their ventilator using their hands. These devices pump air into the lungs by squeezing an empty bag, or "bladder."
  • In a tracheostomy, a hole is made in the windpipe, and a tube is inserted to allow air to enter and exit the body. By doing this, one can breathe without utilising their mouth or nose.

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