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Pulse oximetry is a test that determines the amount of oxygen in the blood, also known as oxygen saturation. It is a simple, painless test to determine how well oxygen is being delivered to the body parts farthest from the heart, such as the arms and legs. The device can be attached to a finger, wrist, ear lobe, foot, or any other location where blood flow can be detected. The device shines a light through a comparatively transparent skin section. A detector receives the light that passes on the skin's opposite side.

Pulse Oximeter Uses

  • People with conditions that impact oxygen saturation can benefit from pulse oximeters. For instance, a sleep expert would advise using a pulse oximeter to check a person's oxygen saturation level at night if they have sleep apnea or loud snoring.
  • Pulse oximetry can also give information on how well breathing therapies like oxygen therapy and ventilators are working.
  • Some medical professionals recommend patients wear a pulse oximeter while exercising. This helps to determine which physical activity is safe for patients with cardiovascular or respiratory conditions.

Benefits of Pulse Oximeter

  • Observing the oxygen saturation levels over time.
  • Raising the alarm when oxygen levels are dangerously low, especially in newborns with ongoing respiratory or cardiovascular issues.
  • Determining whether supplemental oxygen is necessary.
  • Monitoring the oxygen saturation levels in anaesthetized patients.
  • Identifying any potentially harmful side effects from medications that alter respiration or oxygen saturation.

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