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Physiotherapy is the most commonly prescribed treatment to help recover many injuries and conditions. Physical therapy can improve chronic pain, car and sports injuries, and mobility problems.
If you have a disease that affects your range of motion, it may be easier to participate in your daily activities. Stiffness and shoulder pain, for example, can not keep up with your physiotherapy plan. Physical therapy will help you improve your daily life, sports, and hobbies.


TheraBand Pro foam rollers can be used as part of your warm-up, recovery, and recovery program. The foam roller had a poster detailing 24 exercises to get you started and more. The balloon can be inflated with a standard pump (not included). Thera-Band exercise balls are inflatable balls used to strengthen muscles, improve balance, improve helps to improve blood circulation, stretch muscles, break knots and increase range of motion. One of the best ways to self-treat myofascial pain is to use the foam roller to adjust the tension in your muscles to relieve pain and keep you moving. TheraBand Foam Rollers are made from high-quality, highly durable closed-cell foam. They can be used alone with TheraBand foam rollers. TheraBand Foam Rollers are available in the standard 6 "diameter, in 36" and 12 "lengths, and have a 6" turn diameter in the 36 "length. These foam rollers are packaged separately with detailed color illustrations relating to general work techniques for different muscles in each part of the body.

TheraBand exercise mats offer maximum comfort during yoga, pilates, and other floor exercises. The carpets are waterproof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean with soap and water. They provide an ideal non-slip surface for warm-ups, stretching, and exercise. These professional-grade products are made from high-density polyethylene and non-PVC lightweight materials. Holes are pre-drilled into the mat for easy storage and two elastic straps wrap around the mat to roll.

The Thera-Band exercise ball is ideal for physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, and/or general bodybuilding. The Thera-Band exercise ball comes with a guiposture and helps prevent back pain. Thera-Band ball uses include exercise, gym, balance, fitness, yoga, pilates, strength, and stability. Pump not included.

The Thera-Band X-Trainer Hand (Cross Trainer) is the ultimate hand treatment tool available in four progressive densities. Its intuitive design with built-in recovery allows for optimal shape. For clinical use, the X-Trainers Hand is easy to clean between patients.

Use the TheraBand FlexBar to improve the grip strength of the arm, hand, and shoulder. This durable, high-quality treatment for elbow tennis or golfer's elbow has been proven by research to eliminate pain and provide an effective, non-surgical option for increasing your strength and stamina. It improves the upper ends and reduces the bread by bending, turning, or swinging. Choose the level of resistance that suits you: yellow (6 pounds of strength), red (10 pounds of strength), green (15 pounds of strength), or blue (25 pounds of strength). FlexBar's color-coded resistance levels help improve grip and forearm strength at all ages, from the youngest to the oldest athletes to the top athletes.

With the TheraBand CLX loop resistance band, you can perform exercises that were impossible before. Patent-pending Theraband CLX-Consecutive loops allow you to perform better exercises and lower body exercises at the same time, opening up many new possibilities for your next resistance workout. Find the exercise that's right for you, you need it, you can not hold it, or you can not hold it.

The TheraBand CLX with Loop Resistance Band is a revolutionary professional-grade resistance band with no latex or powder. The process aims to provide a better understanding of the process or training. These rubber resistance bands are ideal for people allergic to latex, hospitals, offices, or institutions that do not have a "latex-free" policy.

TheraBand Resistance band loops are 3 "wide continuous elastic bands used in a variety of applications, including lower body strength and comfort. Tape loops are available in four levels: yellow, red, green, and blue. They are available in three layers of 8". Lengths of 12" and 18".

The TheraBand Kinesiology tape with XactStretch is a very elastic sports band that reduces the number of injuries caused by bread and the number of common injuries. Health professionals have been using adhesive tape, kinesiology treatments, and techniques such as orthopedics, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and sports coaches for more than 30 years. The TheraBand Group is the first kinesiology group brand to be offered directly to consumers. It is widely adopted by health professionals and sports teams.

TheraBand Comfort Fit weight sets at the ankle and wrist can easily be attached to wrists or ankles to add extra weight during weight training and rehab programs. These are dumbbells, resistance bands, or sports tools like bats and snowshoes. Comfort weights are supplied in pairs, each weighing 1, 1.5, or 2.5 lbs.

The TheraBand Stretch Strap is specially designed for stretching, adding loops for comfort and progress. Designed with low elasticity, this tool offers a high degree of control over the amount of stretching and is suitable for "dynamic" stretching, including those that require a partner. Research has shown that dynamic stretching can be more effective than static stretching offered by most stretching aids.

The TheraBand Roller Massager is a versatile tool for self-massage. Thanks to its rigid design and durable handles, it is easy to target muscles after activities and during warm-ups. Get a deep tissue massage at home with the right amount of pressure you can control. Physiotherapist recommends this self-massage body care tool for runners, cyclists, and those looking for increased flexibility and range of motion. Do not risk your performance or comfort by pushing through stiff muscles and knots. TheraBand Roller Massager is the perfect self-massage tool to keep your lifestyle healthy and active.

TheraBand soft weights are a great alternative to traditional dumbbells or other weighted training balls. The weight of these balls varies while maintaining the same flexibility and ease of use. This weight system, ranging from 0.5 kg to 3 kg, can be used to improve joint dexterity, range of motion, flexibility, and core strength.

TheraBand tubes with handles are made from high-quality natural rubber latex and are perfect for upper body exercises, rehabilitation, fitness, and fitness in the clinic or at home. The resistance tube is used to measure progress and achieve fitness goals or to prepare a solution more easily. They are available in 7 color-coded resistance levels, determined by the thickness of the tube, allowing users to recognize and improve their ability to progress.

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