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A defibrillator uses electric current to shock or pulse the heart to restore the normal rhythm. In arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat that beats too slowly or too quickly can be treated or prevented with a defibrillator. It is also possible to restart a heart that has suddenly stopped using a defibrillator.

Prevost and Batelli, two physiologists from the University of Geneva in Switzerland, introduced defibrillation in 1899. In animal studies, small electric shocks to the heart have been found to cause ventricular fibrillation, whereas large electrical shocks have been shown to reverse fibrillation.

How to use a Defibrillator?

These easy steps should be followed to operate a defibrillator or an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine:

Step 1: Turn on the defibrillator machine by pressing the green button, then follow the instructions.

Step 2: Remove the sticky pads from the defibrillator and glue them to the patient's skin, one on each side of the chest.

Step 3: After fastening the pads, halt CPR and refrain from touching the patient. The patient's heart rhythm will subsequently be checked using the defibrillator.

Step 4: If a shock is required, the defibrillator will determine this and instruct you to hit the shock button. Without warning, an automated defibrillator will shock the patient. It is important not to touch the patient while they are being shocked.

Step 5: The defibrillator will inform you whether you need to continue CPR after the shock has been delivered.

Step 6: Continue applying pressure to the chest until the patient displays signs of life or the defibrillator instructs you to stop so it may examine the heartbeat again.

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