10 Smart Ways to Reduce Medical Equipment's Maintenance Cost

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How to reduce medical equipments maintenance cost

Hospitals face a lot of difficulty with medical equipment maintenance and repair. As a result, any hospital's monthly and yearly expenses budget includes considerable maintenance costs.

The cost of medical equipment services is high. Therefore, while signing the contract, those intending to purchase medical equipment for their facilities want to protect their investment but are also looking for ways to reduce the price of the equipments.

One can strike an excellent deal to receive the best operating medical equipment at amazing prices with optimal maintenance coverage and warranties. The following suggestions can assist you in lowering your medical equipment servicing costs as you compare service agreements to find one that best suits your requirements and your budget:

1. Enrol in Long Term Contracts

You can choose from various multi-year agreements that many medical equipment service companies provide. You can bargain and request steep discounts based on the length of the contract, which can be in the range of years. The quantity of discount you may anticipate, and the overall cost of services and medical equipment maintenance are lower the longer the contract period is.

2. Apply for Multi-System Contracts

The service provider will charge you less for large orders if you sign up for coverage of multiple systems, such as surgical equipment, a modular operating room, and others. As a result, it will guarantee more significant savings and lower the price of medical supplies.

3. Identify And Evaluate Possible Equipment Downtime

Performance and potential downtime of every piece of equipment depends on several variables, including design, the class of the materials used, the components employed, and the overall construction design.

 It is more likely that medical equipment will operate flawlessly for a more extended period and experience less downtime by using high-quality materials that are made as a result of extensive research.

 Service, maintenance, operations, support services, and optimal accessories are other elements that affect how well medical equipment performs.

4. Determine Potential Reasons for Medical Device Failure

There are several causes for your medical equipment to break down. For example, equipment used for surgery, any item in your modular operating room, or other tools for diagnosis and therapy are all prone to failure.

 Knowing the causes of equipment failure is crucial for reducing costs for medical device maintenance and service. Given below are some of them:

  • Incorrect installation
  • Non-regular upkeep
  • Extensive usage
  • Frequent breaking or wearing out
  • Bad hardware design
  • High physical load
  • Equipment dropped by accident
  • Adverse weather

5. Maintain A Medical Equipment Inventory

Keeping an inventory is one of the finest strategies to guarantee that you minimise hospital equipment servicing and maintenance expenses. All of your medical personnel will need to receive training on maintaining the equipment and keeping it in good condition for maximum utilisation. In several instances, the sensors and cables attached to the outside of the device undergo damage. For the best outcomes, prevent mishandling as it is the cause of this.

6. Create An Extensive Schedule For Routine Hospital Equipment Maintenance

After a given length of time, medical equipment and its accompanying components will malfunction. You are responsible for maintaining and monitoring the medical equipment as a healthcare facility.

You can reduce the amount of downtime, assure smooth and organised operations, and lower repair costs with the use of a solid regular maintenance schedule.

In addition to routine servicing and repair of medical equipment, the preventive maintenance schedule will train staff on how to use modular equipment,

A medical device's performance must be at its peak for the patient's health, safety, and legal reasons. You don't want your reputation as a medical institution for malfunction-related medical emergencies.

7. Ensure You Have A Suitable And Extended Warranty

It's crucial to consider the warranty of all relevant components and parts when creating medical device maintenance schedules and agreements.

Service companies for medical equipment do offer extended warranties for a small additional fee to the total price.

8. Pay In Advance To Reduce Expenses

When choosing a funding option, it is advisable to make any advance payments to lower the entire cost. For example, the medical equipment service firm will reduce overall costs and increase discounts by receiving an advance payment.

9. Consider Making In-Depth Comparison Before Your Purchase

A service provider will only consistently provide excellent services if they charge more. In order to achieve the most significant benefits, you should compare numerous other service providers and their offerings. The finest experience comes from choosing the top service providers in your area and comparing their costs and offerings.

10. Speak With An Expert

Hospitals and clinics must continually find methods to cut operational expenses, but it makes sense to look at savings opportunities over a more extended time. A specialist can significantly reduce your costs for procurement, maintenance, and repair by assisting you in identifying improvements and streamlining your business processes.

At TenTabs, we have a dedicated team of product specialists who can help you throughout your purchase journey and assist you by recommending products as per your needs.

What should you keep in mind before buying medical equipment?

When choosing how to buy equipment, it will be helpful to keep these guidelines in mind

  • Information: Do you have complete information on how much this piece of equipment ought to cost?
  • Prioritise: Decide what to prioritise by asking yourself whether the equipment you're buying meets a need.
  • Research: Does data indicate that improving this piece of equipment will increase the effectiveness of care your facility provides?
  • Options: Does this equipment come in any other models? Or are there other vendors I could use to get it from? Should I pay a monthly fee to rent this? Should I borrow money to purchase new equipment?
  • Integration: Will the equipment integrate effortlessly with the current systems you have in place?

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Remember that businesses occasionally might provide a small discount. It is especially true if you're purchasing a lot of equipment at once or if the equipment is somewhat expensive.


Planning and managing resources correctly and effectively are essential to providing high-quality medical care. Healthcare facilities have a tremendous opportunity to cut costs by streamlining hospital equipment maintenance and repair procedures. Administrators must increasingly embrace new internal repair processes assisted by outside experts who can help maintain the long-term durability of costly medical equipment, as budget cuts can negatively impact healthcare organisations' bottom lines.

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Q. What are the three types of healthcare equipment maintenance?

Maintenance has three major types:

  • Design-out maintenance, which includes changing or modifying equipment to eliminate a failure cause or to make it possible for additional maintenance techniques to control the failure's consequences
  • Preventive maintenance, which includes systematic maintenance & condition-based maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance entails changing out or fixing broken equipment.
Q. How does preventive medical device maintenance work?

The act of carrying out routine maintenance tasks to help stop unforeseen failures in the future is known as preventive maintenance. Simply said, it's about maintaining things so they may not break.

Q. What makes medical supplies so important?

Medical devices are a crucial part of healthcare systems. The use of medical equipment is advantageous since it allows for the safe and effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of illnesses and disorders.

Q. Where can I buy medical equipment online at affordable costs?

TenTabs is a one-stop online medical supply store in India where customers can purchase various surgical instruments and durable medical equipment at affordable pricing. We ensure you have immediate access to your surgical and medical supplies. We also offer a vast selection of products from top brands at the most reasonable rates and the convenience of online ordering.

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