Understanding Spirometers: Guide to Using This Vital Medical Equipment

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Spirometers play a crucial role in assessing lung function and diagnosing respiratory conditions within the realm of hospital equipment. Whether you are a medical professional or someone who wishes to monitor your own lung health, knowing what a spirometer is and how to use it can be extremely helpful. This blog will examine the various varieties of spirometers and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use them properly.

Types of Spirometers

There are many different varieties of spirometers, but the handheld spirometer and the incentive spirometer are the two most common.

Healthcare professionals use a handheld spirometer to measure lung volume and ventilation. On the other hand, the incentive spirometer is a device designed to help patients enhance their lung function after surgery or prevent respiratory complications. It encourages slow, deep breathing in order to expand the lungs thoroughly.

How to Use a Spirometer

Using a spirometer correctly is crucial to obtain accurate results. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a spirometer:

  • Positioning: Sit up upright in a comfortable chair or bed and ensure your feet are flat on the floor. Maintain a tight seal around the mouthpiece of the spirometer with your lips while holding the device erect.
  • Calibration: Some spirometers require calibration before use. If necessary, follow the manufacturer's calibration instructions to ensure accurate measurements.
  • Inhaling: Inhale deeply and position the mouthpiece between your lips to create a secure seal. Ensure that your tongue is not blocking the airway. Maintain firm cheek pressure against the mouthpiece to prevent oxygen loss.
  • Exhaling: Exhale forcefully and consistently into the mouthpiece for as long as possible, aiming to empty your lungs completely. The spirometer measures emitted air volume and other pertinent parameters.
  • Repeat: After a brief pause, repeat the procedure two or three times to ensure consistent results. Follow any additional instructions supplied by your healthcare provider or the user manual for the spirometer.

How to use an Incentive Spirometer?

If you are using an incentive spirometer, the steps differ slightly:

  • Positioning: Ensure your feet are flat on the floor and sit up upright in a comfortable position. Maintain the spirometer in an erect position.
  • Calibration (if applicable): Prior to use, determine if your incentive spirometer requires calibration. Whenever necessary, follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Inhale: Place the mouthpiece between your lips to create a secure seal before inhaling. Inhale slowly and deeply through the mouth, causing the piston or ball to ascend. Attempt to attain the spirometer's goal for each breath.
  • Holding Your Breath: Hold your breath for a few seconds while maintaining the piston or ball's height. This assists in enhancing lung expansion and strengthening respiratory muscles.
  • Exhale: Exhale normally and take a moment to rest before repeating the procedure. Follow the number of breaths recommended by your medical professional.

Let us take a look at some of the best available spirometers in the market.


Product Name


RMS Helios 401 Spirometer


Contec Handheld SP-10 Spirometer


Contec Spirometer SP-100A


Medicaid Spiromax Portable Spirometer


UNI-EM Spiromin PC-Based Spirometer



Spirometers are extremely useful tools for determining lung function and improving respiratory health. Whether using a handheld spirometer or an incentive spirometer, it is essential to follow the correct procedures for accurate results. Regular lung function monitoring can aid in the early detection of respiratory conditions and assist individuals in tracking their progress. Remember, if you have any concerns or queries regarding spirometer use, you should seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

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